Noblesse Tiger


charm of a successful predator


The central element in the design of the model is the image of a tiger, made of silver and plated with 18 gold. The masterful engraving makes the predator's figure voluminous and realistic.

The back of the phone is covered with precious crocodile skin in blue. Its heterogeneous texture helps to give the image of the tiger dynamics and emphasizes the overall impression of power and determination.


One of the strongest predators on the planet fully armed is a crushing force that no one can resist. Share his energy, feel the dizzying excitement and a sense of superiority of a true leader!


One glance at this model is enough to catch: perfectionists with impeccable taste worked on it. The work of the best artists, engravers, jewelers and tanners can turn the phone into a work of art.


It will become a stylish addition in business and everyday life, emphasizing the refines taste of its owner. The packaging is a case of precious wood, upholstered inside Alcantara.

Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver
Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver
Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver

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