Noblesse Tiger


charm of a successful predator


The back panel of the model is decorated with black crocodile leather, which always adorned only of elite items. Sturdy and wear-resistant leather will retain an impeccably neat appearance for many years. The body of the telephone is covered with 24K gold, which combine with crocodile leather and creates a charismatic ensemble.


The 15-gram image of the tiger is made of 18K gold and looks particularly daring on the deep black crocodile leather. Flawlessly clear, smooth lines of finishing of the phone demonstrate only the highest quality.


Fast, strong, able to prove own superiority the tiger transmits its iron character to this phone. Feel the powerful energy of the predator, which will remove all obstacles from your path and give confidence in the future.


A true masterpiece, the Noblesse phone gives bright impressions and speaks on an accissible language that everyone understand. The work of the best masters and luxurious materials create a one-piece elite accessory. The model is cased in a lacquered wooden box made of valuable types of wood, lined with soft alcantara inside.


The model embodies the wisdom of a fierce predator and its high status, which nobody will dare to encroach upon.Such telephone will be a perfect addition to the image of a business person who has become accustomed to achieving own goals.

Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX
Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX
Noblesse Tiger 11 PRO & PRO MAX

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