Noblesse Luminary



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Luxurious, modern phone decorated with Nile crocodile skin and inserts of pure gold, filigree engraved with elegant and unique design. All these exclusive elements of decoration, create a certain masterpiece and look, making a phone a masterpiece


Exquisite design, expensive materials of the highest quality, handmade engraving, a special and unique style of the company Noblesse, allowed to create a phone that is the embodiment of wealth, luxury and nobility.


The stylized image of the lily is a symbol of royal power, a symbol of nobility and chastity. Having this phone, you can get in touch with the greatness and power of royal power, with its power and strength.


Hand engraving, where each line, each pattern is enchanted by its uniqueness, the luxurious skin of the Nile crocodile blue and the heraldic lily of the highest gold emphasize the special status and position of the owner of this phone. The gadget is packed in a chic lacquered case made of precious wood and decorated inside with soft Alcantara.


This phone can not be called another phone, it's more like a work of art, combining the latest technologies and sophisticated, refined style of Noblesse masters, who turn ordinary things into masterpieces.

Noblesse Luminary 11 PRO & PRO MAX
Noblesse Luminary 11 PRO & PRO MAX
Noblesse Luminary 11 PRO & PRO MAX
Noblesse Luminary 11 PRO & PRO MAX

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Noblesse Luminary

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