iPhone 11 PRO

Noblesse Croco



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In this model of the phone the side buttons, the emblem in the form of a bourbon lily, are made of silver, the subtle glow of which is emphasized by

blue alligator leather.


It was not accidental that we choose such a color scheme, because silver can better highlight the depth of blue. All elements of the back panel are made of silver, which is covered with 24K gold, we highlighted the bourbon lily with blue color. The sophistication of silver in a simple combination with embossed leather Lizard gives the phone a light touch of elegance.


When we work on the design of this phone, we wanted that its future owner to feel what it is like to have such a fancy and elegant phone. Textured Lizard leather and the cold of silver - this combination will not leave anyone indifferent.


We took care not only of the elegant design of the phone but also of its decent packaging. This model is packaged in a varnished case, which is made of fine wood and upholstered with Alcantara from the inside.


If you want to highlight your refined style, then this model is what you need. Elegance and perfection in details will not only highlight your status but also give a feeling of luxury. Regardless of where you are, at a business meeting or on vacation with friends - with this phone, you will definitely stand out from the others.

Iphone 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver
Iphone 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver
Iphone 11 PRO & PRO MAX silver

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iPhone 11 PRO
Noblesse Croco