Noblesse Lion




The central element in the design of the model is the image of a tiger, made of silver and plated with 18 gold. The masterful engraving makes the predator's figure voluminous and realistic.

The back of the phone is decorated with the lion emblem, which is made of silver plated with white gold and the inscription “Noblesse” is silver. Elements encrusted in carbon. Thanks to several layers of high-strength lacquer, the back panel has received an elegant gloss and resistance to mechanical damage.


This stylish and reliable telephone will be your constant companion and perfect assistant. Feel the confidence, granted by this high-tech model, the confidence in a precise respond to your very wish.


An exquisite combination of materials, colours and textures – possessing this telephone, you will enjoy owing the genuine work of art, being the entity of the modern and the classical. The telephone is cased in an exquisite box made of valuable types of wood, lacquered and lined with alcantara inside.


Stylish people can emphasize their status with the help of every detail. In this telephone every trifle underlines braveness and wide outlook of its owner. It will suit every your image and will help to make the proper impression.

IPhone Lion Silver 11 PRO & PRO MAX
IPhone Lion Silver 11 PRO & PRO MAX
IPhone Lion Silver 11 PRO & PRO MAX
IPhone Lion Silver 11 PRO & PRO MAX

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Noblesse Lion

$3100 $2170