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We live in the world, in which the majority of the things are run-of-the-mill, being conveyer-produced. Serial production and advertisement kill peculiar for every person the feeling of individuality and uniqueness. So, the desire to obtain a thing, accentuating your status, which is a single specimen on the whole planet is the desire worth of the best!

Exclusive model of your telephone

The ambition of everyone to distinguish oneself from the crowd is inevitable and our company supports it entirely. We are gladly prepared to offer you our company services in the design and production of a unique and luxurious telephone make, which would be the reflection of a high status of its owner.

The best of our masters will make your wishes and creative thoughts come true to life of innovations and technologies, while the world jewelers will help you to recreate a unique luxurious telephone make.

Customize iPhone

Our company “Noblesse” offers you the services of our best jewelers, in particular, for hand-made engraving on your mobile telephone. Thanks to the exclusive engraved picture on your telephone case it will acquire a unique and inimitable looks. Every telephone with hand-made engraving by our company is a high art, an embodiment of beauty, refinement and fashion, that, in addition, got a universal acclaim by the jewelers and designers from all over the world.

Besides, the sketch for hand-made engraving can be provided by you personally or can be chosen among the ones, proposed by our designers.

Precious stones inlay

In order to make your telephone the reflection of your individuality and well-being, “Noblesse” company offers you the service of inlaying the buttons or back panel of your telephone with precious stones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones allow our best jewelers and designers to create a unique, fashionable and luxurious outlooks of your telephone.

You will be the owner of not a simple telephone, but the one, which you can live in luxury with, being surrounded by the things of beauty and high quality.

Side panel

Engraving, laser marking, three varieties of gold plating or aluminum anodizing can be accomplished on the side panel of your telephone of fashion, that in addition, got acclaim among the leading jewelers and designers from all over the world.

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Customize iPhone


+44 737 895 9348