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Family brand Noblesse is obliged for its origin to a talented jeweler Damiano Diletta from Florence, Italy.

Dilette's manufactory was known for its production of conceptual jewelry, among which one could find pocket watches, spyglasses, puff-boxes, cigarette-cases, perfume bottles, ink-pots and even books. The works were distinguished by filigreed carving in gold, by application of precious stones and rare materials as valuable woods and fabrics.

Every jewelry product of the family was marked by the royal heraldic lily. The flower points to the origin of the family (lily is the blazon of Florence) and symbolizes perfection and devotion to their craft. "The lily, placed on every our product is the sign of responsibility for our quality to the God” - Damiano said.

The contemporary outlook of the brand was developed by grand-grandson of Damiano – Tito Diletta. Together with his friend and designer Jean Mobellier he continued the traditions of conceptual jewelry production marked with the heraldic lily. The objects of luxury from the tandem of the jeweler and the designer are known for their flawless performance and creative decisions.

Collections of jewelry cases for smartphones became more and more popular among the representatives of the elite. Tito and Jean decided to concentrate their talents on their production and create the brand Noblessе with the traditional logo and the accompanying title (from French «noble» - perfection).

So, the traditions created by a hard-working master in the 19th century, found embodiment in modern, exquisite and attractive views of Noblesse smartphone cases.


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